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Serving Ashland, Galion, and Ontario, OH, and Surrounding Areas

Sheet metal plays an essential role in mechanical engineering. For example, sheet metal provides ductwork in air conditioning applications. This metal also goes into roofing, metal tables (especially in the healthcare industry), car bodies, and even airplane wings.

Our sheet metal in Mansfield, OH performs a variety of required functions in commercial and industrial markets. We stand ready to help any client in any industry with their sheet metal needs.

Molded to Fit Any Project

We pride ourselves on our ability to accommodate almost any project involving high-quality sheet metal in Mansfield, OH. Our products feature the following:

Committed to Your Every Need

We pride ourselves on being your one-stop for all mechanical needs. We provide everything from sheet metal, to plumbing, to refrigeration. We will oversee any project from conception to completion.

We have over 55 years' experience producing sheet metal in Mansfield, OH. Our 24-hour services place our customers at the center of our focus. So call us at 419-529-3500.


Plasma cutting machine at Universal makes quick work of custom sheet metal fabrication. Custom sheet metal ductwork in Mansfield, OH Universal Enterprises: Duct