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Universal has a big part in the renovation of Mansfield’s Renaissance Theatre. Below is an air handling unit the size of an over-sized semi trailer. Universal’s expertise and experience really paid off as the installation of this huge unit went smoothly and without a hitch.

The photo here shows the unit safely settled on its new supports on the roof of the Renaissance Theater as it gets unwrapped in preparation for the final installation details. The large opening on the end will connect to an air duct feeding air into the theatre.

Above, the smaller section (still quite large by conventional standards) is lifted from the truck to the roof. Below and right, the larger section is brought up. The outstanding teamwork between those on the ground, up on the roof, and the crane operators made the whole process look effortless. This is a real testament to the months of planning that went into the preparation for this installation. This is where Universal Enterprise’s experience and expertise pay off.

The two photos below show the large units featured above now in place and installed upon the roof of the Renaissance.

To the right we move indoors to see some of the equipment and plumbing (note the copper pipes) Universal installed inside the Renaissance.

Universal Enterprises is proud to be an important part of this major renovation of Mansfield’s historic Renaissance Theatre. The Renaissance had to place their trust in those who would get the job done right. They put their trust in Universal.

The design required not only reinforcing the roof structure to support the 18,000 lbs unit but at the same time reducing the audible noise generated by the equipment to assure the patrons of the Renassaince a comfortable and pleasurable experience. Below you can see the supports upon which the unit will be placed.