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Specialty Design and Manufacturing Services

Universal, as an OEM manufacturer, produces special testing systems for vacuum, temperature and pressure. These systems are custom manufactured to mutually agreeable engineering specifications.

Universal designed, engineered and manufactured one of the first systems to control body temperature during surgery and recovery.

Universal Designed and manufactured one of the first human-blood controlling, monitoring and alarming systems designed to meet strict preservation of human blood.

Universal, on special order, also manufactures highly-sophisticated disc and bimetal thermostats testing stations.

Special cameras can be installed that operate on an X-Y-Z axis to control and monitor production machinery. The cameras offer excellent surveyence functions as well. The cameras can be analog, digital, IP-based or analog encoded to digital. All systems are capable of real-time recording and can be server or web based.

Thermostat Testing Station

Shown below is a precision testing unit we manufacture for testing thermostats. This unit is capable of testing bi-metal, leaf, and bulb-type thermostats.

High Vacuum / High Pressure Carts

Universal manufactures portable carts for high vacuum, high pressure, and combination of the two. Analog gauge measurement and digital measurement are available.

Shown above is a high vacuum cart custom designed and built for a pump manufacturer used to test pumps they build. With gauges, valves, and pump all mounted safely to the cart setup is quick and without fumbling. Every part has its place. Hoses and power cord easily wind and unwind on their built-in hangers. Controls, hoses, and fittings are color-coded for efficient fool-proof operation. And, with the entire assembly on wheels, transportation and placement couldn’t be easier.